DELIKE is recognised throughout the world for its quality and excellence.

The DELIKE Company is a world leading manufacturer of epoxy resin worktops and accessories . For more than 30 years their products have been specified by world leading architects and designers for use in Research, Hospital and Educational Laboratories, in the Food Industry, and major Commercial projects throughout the world.

Our focus on manufacturing excellence and delivering world-class service have placed us at the pinnacle in our industry sector, and made DELIKE the 'product of choice' in a marketplace where quality, performance and customer service are paramount.

The smooth satin sheen finish of DELIKE products will compliment and enhance almost any interior and colour scheme, whilst its durability, physical strength and its resistance to virtually all chemicals and solvents ensure that it retains its integrity through decades of use.


DELIKE Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces are molded in large monolithic sections and custom fabricated to your specification.

Delike’s molding process includes a special curing stage that ensures complete chemical reaction throughout the material to create a uniform worksurface of the highest quality.

New World Wide Navigation Mark in Epoxy Resin Work Suface Systems







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